About ME

I am CharĂ© Taylor, owner of CharĂ© Taylor Photography. And this is my story…

I love taking photos, I mean I REALLY love taking photos. I think what brings the most joy to my heart is the fun people have while having photos taken. It is almost as if the inner child in them comes out. They explore and laugh and they have FUN!

For me, its not about the time I spend editing, or the time I spend with the people I photograph, for me it is about the love I see between people and the bond they share. For the hour they are having photos taken, they want to capture the special love they have for each other, so that it will always be a reminder to them. I love meeting new families, couples and children. Each having their own uniqueness to them, each with their own story to tell. The best payment for me is the smiles and appreciation I get when they see their photos, or the “first timers” always being so nervous and it ends up being loads of fun. I never thought i will end up taking the photographer route. I never saw myself with a camera. Me myself, I am a very shy person. But having my camera in my hands just gives me so much confidence. My aim is to always capture the best. The best smile, the deep loving look, hands that will hold each other forever and capturing children while they are so teeny tiny.

I am a mother of 3, so I know how quickly they grow. Yes, you will always have the memory in your mind, but it fades with time and details tend to disappear. 10 years later you might not remember the flower she had in her hair or the color of his favorite toy truck. That is what makes what I do so special. I get to freeze that memory, and when you look at it years from now, it will be as if it happened yesterday.

I love getting those messages, ” i cant wait! ” or ” I am so excited! “. To me it feels like I am adding a little excitement to that persons life. I know how good it feels having something to look forward to.

In that time of a photo shoot, you can be and do whatever you want. You can be as crazy as you want or as serious, you can wear slippers or be as beautiful and handsome as possible. You can be whoever you want, and you will always have a picture to look back on.

So i just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me, who chose to use my skills and leave their everlasting memories in my hands.

Thank you to family who has supported me, friends who have inspired me and a very special friend that mentored me.

I hope to capture many more memories!